Boston Training, Here We Go

Today was the first official day of a new training cycle.  I love this day, it holds so much promise and opportunity.  I always feel so invigorated with motivation!!  It didn’t hurt that it was actually above 32 degrees for the run to help the motivation as well, talk about a tropical heat wave!

From Hal Higdon's Website: Boston Bound Program

From Hal Higdon’s Website: Boston Bound Program


I have to move some runs around this week because my friends (Lindsey and JK) and coming to visit this weekend so I am shifting some things around so I don’t have to run the Saturday they are here.

We will see how much excitement remains tomorrow when it is 18 degrees again.  Side note: Charleston has a chance of snow tomorrow and is already closed for classes tomorrow!  Nuts!!  So nice to get that phone call, too bad I can’t get a “possibility of snow day.”  We get all the white stuff in the world in Philadelphia and it doesn’t make a difference!

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