WIAW Finally and A CRAZY week

Sunday I began what has proven to be an insane process of applying for my physical therapy license so that I can register to take the boards (holy moly, I can’t believe that is real)!  To say it is involved is a major understatement.  Tomorrow on the docket is to find a notary to sign an affidavit, Monday I had to get a passport photo taken, craziness right!

Also, I am in the process of getting all of my paper work for my final rotation squared away which is about 5x more than any other rotation I have been on all while working full time (plus), studying 2+ hours a day and running.  I feel like I get up in the morning at 5:30 and blink and its 11 pm again.

Added to this, the beginning of the week has been emotionally taxing at work.  It is hard to accept that all patients can’t get better, especially when you find yourself developing a soft spot for them.  The hardest part is getting to know the families and really rooting for them when in the end sometimes there is nothing you can do about it.  It’s helpless.  I can’t really say more about it (HIPAA) but I am definitely going to have to grow a thicker skin in the coming years or I will be an emotional disaster every day of my life.

After two long hard days, it started to snow, I mean REALLY snow yesterday.  Due to the fact that I absolutely needed to run for my sanity, I hit the road in the snow even though people looked at me like I had a few screws loose.  It was the most peaceful, beautiful, serene run you could ever have in a city.  There weren’t many people out, not even cars so it was quiet.  The snow hadn’t been plowed, walked on or driven over so it was just untouched natural beauty and I needed that so much in that moment.




Due to this insanely long outpouring, I am going to postpone the WIAW to tomorrow, though I did remember to do it!!  Catch you tomorrow!