Since I have been in Philadelphia I haven’t run with headphones in once.  I can hardly believe it.  There was a time (well like 3 weeks ago) that I wouldn’t have dreamed of running with out music.  I don’t know if its all the new sights and sounds around me but I haven’t even thought to take my music with me.  I will probably break the streak for my long run Sunday since I will not be able to make it to run club on Saturday (I am picking up the extra work day so I can take a day off either when Jenna and Lindsey come or when Casey comes).

Its hard to find peace living in a real city (have recently realized Charleston is much more of a town than a city).  It is crazy the feeling of smallness I feel when I run around here.  There are literally probably a million people doing a million other things while I run and what I am doing affects no one but myself.  It’s an oddly serene feeling of self.  Being with just my footfalls makes me realize my insignificance in the greater world but the significance that this run has on my life.

I am sure that when I am finally back in Charleston, or even when I make the move to Atlanta the music will come back and the profound thoughts will be gone but for the next 4 weeks I am going to enjoy the solitude that I find between my feet and the pavement.

3 thoughts on “Solitude

  1. I like running without music if I’m with a group. If I’m alone and running a race, I definitely use it. At one point, when I lived in Florence, which is super country, I *always* ran with music. I guess it just depends on my goals for that day.

    When I’m downtown, I don’t run with music, mostly a safety thing. I just don’t feel like it’s safe to run downtown Charleston with it knowing how people drive. But, usually downtown I’m running with others anyway 🙂

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