Tuesday Blues

The past 24 hours has been quite a series of unfortunate events starting with the crapping out of my hair dryer.


My grand mother gave me this thing when I was in like 7th grade so it has been a miracle to last this long but I was so bummed.  Plus (and I am not one to complain about my hair because I honestly believe it is god’s gift to be) but once I decide what I am doing with my hair I have to commit.  So after getting out of the shower for a bit I let it dry some and brushed it out.  Once it is brushed out, letting it dry in it’s natural curl is a hot mess so today I got to have hot mess hair!

Then after leaving with plenty of time to get to work I got half way there and realized I forget my id.  So I had to turn around to get that making me rushed as always to get there on time.


Mid morning, while cleaning up some equipment I managed to get a pretty good amount of bleach on my favorite dress pants not realizing the clorox wipes we use are ones that will ruin your clothes…awesome.


Once I got home I started to study for a while and decided I would finally make my much needed grocery store trip after run group tonight to find I had forgotten to get my wallet out of my CI’s locker so not only did I have none of my stuff but I wouldn’t be able to get groceries for another day.


I tried to hard all day too to not let the little things get me down, be grateful for life, blah, blah, blah but after enough little things add up it just starts to make you a little downright angry.

So I ran.  Solution to all problems right.  I went to the group, met a new girl that lives less than two blocks from me and had a great time (well until they all went for a drink and I couldn’t because I was penniless and ID-less).  But for that hour of running I didn’t think much about the tribulations of the day, just about getting to know the girl next to me and running my little heart out!

Fingers crossed for a slightly more fortunate day tomorrow!

One thought on “Tuesday Blues

  1. I know you don’t want to let the little things get to you… but favorite dress pants aren’t a little thing, I’d be peeved! Maybe just because I’m so short and tiny, I can never find pants that fit me- so when I get a piece of clothes that fits and looks nice, I hope it lasts as long as possible! Glad you went to run club and had fun, even though you couldn’t go out for drinks :(.

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