How Cold is Too Cold?

  • Well I have to jump right in on the band wagon here and state the obvious, it is flipping freezing!!  So glad I moved to the North to experience record low temperatures!

I had a 3 mile easy jog on the books for today and planned to meet the group (and probably extend my run) tonight.  I have been so excited about running with this group since I found it but today wasn’t the day.  With a whopping high of 12, feels like -15 it wasn’t looking good from the start.  At the time of the run: 8 feels like -28.

I had to do quite a bit of walking to get to a training course today (passing the FROZEN river) and during that time I decided that running today might not be a sign of toughness as much as a sign of stupidity.  I had the rest day, I was going to use it today instead of tomorrow and get a nice yoga session today.

When I got home I decided to do a little research on what the boundaries may actually be…

  • If it is less than 0 (don’t forget wind chill people, this is actually more important) consider finding a treadmill and keeping it inside (Running in Cold Weather: Runners World)  Some other sources reported 20 below but either way, today I qualified to stay indoors

    For a little more objectivity, here is a chart for the National Weather Service to help guide your decision making

    Wind Chill Chart

  • If you do run, go into the wind first!  If not for medical reasons but because it stinks to turn around into the wind.  But scientifically, if you run with the wind and start sweating then turn into the wind it will decrease your body temperature even faster due to the moisture (Running in Cold Weather: Runners World)
  • Think about investing in a balaclava to warm and humidify the air as you breath in to reduce the stress on your lungs (Cardiopulmonry Physical Therapy, Hillegass)
  • When getting dressed and heading out you should feel cool, not comfortable.  If you are comfortable when stepping out, you are over dressed (Too Cold To Exercise, Try Another Excuse, NY Times)



There are countless sources available for this information but I thought this hit the major high lights to protect your body and lungs.  Hope you are all staying warm and can hit the roads with me tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “How Cold is Too Cold?

  1. This is some seriously useful information. I’m definitely going to stick with the treadmill or elliptical as long as this cold spell lasts.

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