First Day

Today was one of the few Mondays that my head popped right off the pillow with the alarm.  I actually woke up a few times before my alarm afraid that I had missed it.  I got up, did the morning routine and just as I was about to leave I saw the POURING rain outside.  Luckily I only had two blocks to go but my umbrella inverted and the wind was blowing and I must have looked like such a hot mess when I got there.

Pre-torential downpour!

Pre-torential downpour!


Once I did make it, 15 minutes early as always, I hung out in the lobby and waited to be picked up for orientation.


The rest of the day was a whirl wind, getting oriented to the building, seeing patients, learning standard day to day procedural stuff.  Then before I knew it I was heading home, just to bundle up and head out for my first real Philadelphia run.  I had a tempo run on the schedule and decided to head to the art museum again and the river.  It was such a good run, especially after yesterday’s disaster and resting on Saturday, my legs were ready to get moving.  And, major bonus, when I run that way I go into the wind on the way out and have it at my back on my way back.  It was always the opposite in Charleston and I hated it!

I was set that I needed to start my routine of studying for boards with my first day of work so I jumped in the shower, fixed up some dinner and got right to it.  A little over an hour in, Casey called and we ended up on the phone for two hours which has NEVER happened EVER so I wasn’t going to stop it.  I had planned to get 2 hours in today but I am pretty tired so I will just have to make up the hour somewhere else in the week.  At this point I have planned 2 hours a day week days so if I have to make up some of the time of the weekends I always have that option too!  Just got to hold myself accountable.

On to day 2…

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