City of Brotherly Love (and ice, snow and freezing rain)

Yesterday afternoon I made it to Philadelphia after beginning the move by falling down the stairs loading my car and dumping my jewelry in the snowy driveway.  Definitely not the most shining start.  

After unloading all of my stuff and finally finding a parking spot I started the insane task of getting all of my stuff put away and organized.  Two hours later I was pretty much there and I am pleased with the way my new home has turned out.



Once I was fully satisfied here, I headed to a bar (that I can literally see from my window) to meet my best friend Hannah to watch the Eagles game.  It was unreal watching it with all of these fans.  We sang the fight song, screamed, yelled and suffered together through a devastating loss.  I swear that the whole bar went silent when the game losing field goal was kicked.  

Once the game was over everyone was in a fairly somber mood so I headed home to get some sleep before my last relaxing day.  I started with a run that quickly turned disastrous.  I had planned to go 6 miles but only made it 2.5 at an excruciatingly slow pace due to the ice covered sidewalks.  I hit the art museum and turned around saving my poor self from a broken leg.  People I passed literally looked at me like I had lost my mind.



Following that very disappointing run I was ready to head to Hannah’s for some fresh, homemade bagels!  Yep, her boyfriend made them from scratch and I can say honestly they may have been the best bagels I have ever tasted!



We had such a great afternoon catching up, grubbing on these beauties and watching the most recent episode of Parenthood.  Unfortunately I had to get to the grocery store and try to make it home to park my car on our street (which is a near impossible task in this city).   I am soooooo not cut out for city living, let me tell you!

After hunting for 30 minutes for a spot I finally gave up on getting one on our one free street that we have in front of the house and parked on a permit street resolving that I would have to get up earlier in the morning to park on our street once people had left for work.  I came in, put away groceries and settled in for the 49ers game, hoping at least Casey could end up happy with football this weekend.  Then with 30 seconds left in the game I heard a huge crunch of tires on snow…SOMEONE WAS LEAVING!  But the game was tied and it was going to come down to this field goal.  I crossed all my fingers and toes and watched the rest of the game (with a 49ers win) and ran down the street to get my car and bring it to my street.  I have never felt more victorious in my entire life.  I probably will never drive my car again either!

So far Philadelphia has been quite testy with me but I am trying to keep an open mind.  First day of rotation number 3 tomorrow, wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “City of Brotherly Love (and ice, snow and freezing rain)

  1. Good luck girly- city living is not for me either, I really don’t think I’d want to live anywhere bigger than Charleston (and Charleston is growing pretty big but I don’t mind that bc I love it here). All that snow is crazy and I’d be scared to run in it and possibly fall and break something, yikes. At least you made it 2.5 miles.

    Philly people love their teams so I bet watching the game in the bar was amazing :). I’ve heard the atmosphere at Eagles games is crazy too. And, that bagel looks delicious (and I don’t even really like bagels).

  2. Small world. I added you to my reader last week and when I read this post I though to myself…. we are getting a bunch of PT students starting Monday at work, wouldn’t that be funny if she ended up being at work. And strangely you ended up sitting next to me at lunch. Welcome to Philly and GSPP!

    • What a crazy small world! We will have to run together while I am here, though only on your easy runs because you are much faster than me. I am training for Boston too so always good to have training partners!
      Guess I will be seeing you tomorrow!

      • Sounds like a plan. Based on the fact that you only have to walk a few blocks probably means you are staying near my apartment since my walk is only 4 blocks… should make for easy meet up for runs. Philly sure has been confusing weather wise since you’ve been here… bundle up today!

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