Usually I do my goals post on New Years Eve but I knew that this New Years Eve was going to hold bigger, more important things.

Back in October my mom called me and asked me what I was doing New Years Eve Day.  I pretty much said I have no idea mom, its October crazy lady!  She told me she had been working on a surprise for me but didn’t know if it was going to happen but it was during the day that day.  I told her I would keep my schedule clear and kinda forgot about it.

Then a few weeks ago I was trying to decide when I was coming up after Christmas and asked my mom about this mystery surprise and she said, “Well I have to sign us up for it so I guess we are going to do it.”  So I asked her if she was going to walk a race because I knew she had been walking everyday.  She responded by saying,

“No, I am going to run it!!!”

My mom have never played a sport or really done any physical fitness in her whole life so this was a HUGE, incredible surprise to me.

So today was the day and she was AMAZING!




She wanted me to run hard so I ran a 20:30 (which was okay considering the cold and wind I am not used to) then I doubled back and picked her and my dad up with a little less than a mile to go.  To make it even sweeter, today was their 20th anniversary!

What was also really awesome was the post race pancake breakfast!  There are always bagels and bananas and apples and that stuff but the pancakes were an awesome surprise.




Awesome way to end an amazing year.  So proud of my momma!