See you 2013

I feel like I was just writing this post about 2012 and here we are doing this again.  Each year just gets a little faster than the year before.

I would say this was as successful of a fitness year as I could ever have imagined, though there is always room for improvement.  After tomorrow I will have run 310 days of this year and logged 1650 miles.  My goal was 1500 so I blew that out of the water!  I ran the Charleston and Lehigh Valley Health Network Marathons and the Folly Beach and Atlanta Half marathons.  I also qualified for Boston which was not just a goal for this year but for my LIFE.

My fitness goals from last year were:

1.  Run 1500 miles (have to beat out last year): Check

2.  Work on strengthening; I hate that this goal isn’t really quantifiable, but if i am going to continue running I really need to put more effort here or injuries are bound to follow: Sporadically (sounds like a goal for this year)

3.  Do yoga once a week: Did really well for the first half of the year then fell off the wagon

4.  Eat at least 5 servings of fruits/veggies and drink 8 cups of water a day: With the exception of these holiday weeks

My non-fitness goals were:

1.  Finish my last year of class room education: Check

2.  Pass the comp (written comprehensive) exam: Check

3.  Pass the OSCE (practical comprehensive exam): Check

4.  Slow down and smell the roses during this whirl wind of life!: Improving!

So with much success and off course room for improvement I sit here and set out goals for 2014 (the year I become a real adult…maybe).

Fitness Goals

1.  Run Boston

2.  Run 1700 miles

3.  Strength 2x/week

4.  Yoga 1x/week

5.  2 marathons, 2 halves

6.  Water and freggies again!

7.  Start logging my workouts again (not sure when I fell off of doing that at the end of November…whoops)

Non-Fitness Goals


2.  Graduate

3.  Get a big girl job

Do you have any goals for the year?

4 thoughts on “See you 2013

  1. YAHOO! I need to find a big fitness goal for the year. I love how you called them goals opposed to resolutions, I hate resolutions. Even if they are similar, goals are more realistic usually! Awesome 2013 accomplishments.

  2. Good luck with your goals (I also like how you didn’t say resolutions). I think you did a great job last year, at least you stuck with the ones you didn’t complete for a long time, like yoga. Plus you had a ton going on with school and the marathon. Can’t wait to read about Boston training!

      • Definitely :). When you get back, if you’re still training for Boston, some of us are doing Sunday long runs at Hampton Park then going to Moe’s Crosstown for brunch. You’re welcome to join us… you’re faster than all of us, but it would be fun :). Kaminsky’s pretty much rocks too!

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