Life of Leisure

On my first day of not having to go to work I got a serious amount of stuff done.

The day started with a leisurely morning, catching up on Runner’s World and enjoying some breakfast and coffee with Casey.  Then I headed out for my run, the beginning of trying to get ready to really be ready to train for Boston.  I did 3 1/4 mile hill repeats and they kicked my butt.  I felt so out of shape.  I could tell I hadn’t done them in a while and went to compare them to my splits from the last time I did them.  In July I did 7 reps of this with my slowest rep faster than my fastest today, PATHETIC!  Just shows me it is a good thing I am taking some cushion time to start getting my speed work back up before hitting training hard.

When I got home, I hit some Runner’s World Yoga I had read about this morning.  It was a good series if you have 25 minutes to dedicate.  Runner’s World Yoga

After freshening up, I headed out to do a ton of errands I have been putting off.  First stop was the dry cleaners, which conveniently was near Starbucks and the library.  The book I had been reading had been taken by the library elves last night off my kindle and it was already reserved by someone else so I headed in to get the good old fashioned hard copy version before stopping in Starbucks for a Skinny Peppermint Mocha!

Drink in hand, I headed to Towne Center to check for a few last minute Christmas things.  I ended up doing an adopt a dog tree gift at a cute little pet boutique called Harry Winston.  They took a picture of me with the items I bought to put on their facebook page.  I will try to get my hands on it when they post it.  Casey is just lucky I didn’t come home with another dog, she looked just like Scarlett and she melted my heart!

After that I headed for my final stop at Target to get all the necessary items for my big baking day.  I won’t be home to do it with my mom this year but I will still have my smaller scale (well sort of) version here in Charleston for our family and friends.

After leaving my poor girl at home all day I rushed in an stole her away to the dog park for an hour to make up for it.

I know I am a little biased, but she is the sweetest girl!

I know I am a little biased, but she is the sweetest girl!


When we got home she helped me finally finish getting my tree decorated!  So glad to be sitting next to it all completed.

Christmas tree pictures never do them justice!

Christmas tree pictures never do them justice!

7 thoughts on “Life of Leisure

    • Oh my gosh, I had to check out your page and they do look so much alike! And we are super jealous of your skiing. We are northerners living in Charleston and not having any where to ski is killing us slowly year by year!

  1. I love the tree pictures and the dog pictures :). I haven’t done hill repeats in awhile, we do garages sometimes though, those really work but if you skip a couple weeks, you can feel it. I see Michael Banks doing repeats on the bridge so I think it must work, hehe! You’ll be fine once you get back in the swing of doing them!

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