Inspiration for 500 Alex…

I have had such a lack of inspiration lately it is driving me bonkers.  My runs have been out of obligation, not bad but certainly not awesome.  I have fallen into the lull of the 8-5er big time.  Luckily as a student I have one more week of this and then a break, unlike what will happen in 5 months in the big world.

Yesterday (in shorts and a sports bra only I might add) I had my first run in a while that reminded me of my love for it.  I headed out on an 1:30 minute run (which was my first “for time” run which I loved) with a 3:1 pattern.  I have been doing the first three weeks of the Boston Bound training plan from Hal Higdon (minus the speed work) to keep my miles up and make a smooth transition into training at the end of January.  I loved the 3:1, taking the first 3/4 at an easy pace and the end at my goal marathon pace.  It feels good to work hard at the end.  I needed this run so badly I can’t even put it into words.

To cap off that great day, Casey and I went to pick out our very first Christmas tree.

Crappy picture of the tree on my car!

Crappy picture of the tree on my car!


Tonight I started putting lights on the tree but very quickly ran out which just means another quick trip to the store tomorrow to get a few more strands.  Off to a good start though!


Scar is very uncertain about the tree...

Scar is very uncertain about the tree…


All fanned out!

All fanned out!


Partially Lit

Partially Lit


Just a cute pic of my best girl!

Just a cute pic of my best girl!


Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Heres to hoping my inspiration will stick around this week, I have high hopes because I am really getting in the holiday feeling!!

3 thoughts on “Inspiration for 500 Alex…

  1. I had to make another trip to Walmart to get more lights too… craziness. Our tree is finally up. I also try to do some negative split miles in runs, I’ve never done a 3:1 but I may try that, not for marathon but I bet it would work for any run duration, just to do the last 1/4 at a race pace. Glad you are still running, as an 8-5er I agree it is not easy…

    • I really liked the 3:1! It really helped me hold back a little early knowing I had to bust it at the end and I think it will be good brain training for the next big race. Try it out and let me know what you think about it!

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