I pulled it off, then did nothing

For the past three days with the exception of my daily run, I have spent pretty much all my time on my fanny napping, reading or watching football.  After having an amazing Thanksgiving I decided I earned having as much down time as I wanted before heading into my final two weeks of rotation.

Thanksgiving went off fairly flawlessly with the exception of the dumplings (which I was the only one that cared about them anyway, so no harm, no foul).  My pictures are bad though because I thought my camera was broken, but turned out the battery was just dead…THANK GOODNESS!!  In the next few days I need to add the crock pot sweet potato casserole and crock pot green bean casserole recipes I used.  They were so easy and so delicious and saved me a lot of oven space!

Turkey all Prepped and ready to go in

Turkey all Prepped and ready to go in

Ready to come out!

Turkey got a nice tan!

Thanksgiving Spread!

Thanksgiving Spread!


We had been enjoying the left overs (we still have enough mac and cheese to feed an army) for a few days now and Casey even took the left over ham to make ham and bean soup for dinner tonight.  Absolutely delicious, and unfortunately gone or else that would have been lunch for work tomorrow!


After a few much need rejuvenation days I am ready to head in to my final two weeks of my second rotation.  I can’t believe it has already been 6 weeks, mind blowing!  Before I know it I will be packing up and heading home for Christmas and then to Philadelphia.  I can’t even believe how time is flying.

Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving break and are enjoying the start to your holiday season!

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