Turning 24

Saturday was my 24th birthday and boy was it a great one.  Usually we are in Casey’s home for Thanksgiving for my birthday but this year we were here for the first time since moving to Charleston and it was one of the best days!

I started out on a longish run with Maribeth to the lighthouse on Folly Beach.  After a run in the 70 degree weather on November 23rd in a tank top we hit Lost Dog Cafe for breakfast.  I was pretty dehydrated after the run and was craving fruit so I got a fantastic parfait (which I finished for lunch today) and a cinnamon bun.  We also enjoyed some mimosas and coffee to round out the morning.  Thank you again MB for such an awesome morning.  Only a runner can understand the need for a good run to start the year.

Such a perfect start!

Such a perfect start!


After getting home from breakfast I showered really quick and Casey and I headed to meet everyone to see the second Hunger Games movie.  I loooooved it, and loved that it came out around my birthday so I could make Casey come with us.  I don’t think I have ever sat through a movie two and a half hours long and had it fly by so fast before.

Post movie, we came home and changed before all meeting back up for dinner at one of my favorite Charleston restaurants, Coast.

Sangria Pitcher for the girls!

Sangria Pitcher for the girls!

Scallops with mashed potatoes...delicious!

Scallops with mashed potatoes…delicious!

JK and I at dinner

JK and I at dinner

Linds and Nicole

Linds and Nicole

After dinner we went out to do some dancing and had such an amazing night.  Thank you girls (and guys) again for making this a birthday to remember!

The girls

The girls



Thought this was too cute...

Thought this was too cute…


...and this!

…and this!


Thanks everyone for such an awesome birthday.  Back to reality for another two days before Thanksgiving holiday!!  Hope everyone has a great short week!

6 thoughts on “Turning 24

      • No kidding!

        On Saturday I ran in a dri-fit t-shirt (Not a sports bra runner) and Nike shorts. Sunday, I wore an Under Armor turtleneck. pants/tights, gloves, and fleece headband! It is a little warmer today though!

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