Getting Through Mondays

To make my morning start better I took Scarlett with me on my early morning run.  Not only does it make me feel safer setting off in the dark with my girl, it makes the miles fly.  I just have so much more fun when she tags along!

So happy after our morning run!

So happy after our morning run!


She is always so pooped after running which is great for her to pass back out until Casey gets up to entertain her all over again.

After that it was a fairly typical Monday, but especially busy at work!  After work Scarlett got another dose of awesome with a trip to the dog park.  She just really hit the jackpot.  I wish I could have taken some shots there but it was so dark (stupid day light savings time).

Once we got home, we hit Cypress for burger night and I got the veggie burger (very large portobello mushroom) yumm! This left me nice and full, hanging out and I am barely holding my eyes open trying to watch this football game.   Oh and hanging out with the little nugget again…




Apparently lots of puppy love in this day!

8 thoughts on “Getting Through Mondays

  1. Hey this is a cool post! I cant wait to get my own place when I leave uni, as soon as I do I’m going to get myself a dog I can jog with, I’m thinking a husky, but Scarlett is beautiful!
    Keep up the good work running, I’m going to follow!

      • My boyfriend wanted a German Shepherd and I usually give in pretty easily to things like that, plus she was the sweetest puppy ever. So now I love my girl. I also think its kinda mean to own a dog made for a cold place in a hot humid place like Charleston!
        If Huskies are anything like my German she talks to me all day. She is soooo chatty it is insane. I swear she is almost human!!

  2. How was the Cypress burger night? I didn’t even know they had a veggie burger but that’s pretty cool that they do. Is it a special for Mondays like some of the other places do?

    Sounds like Scarlett was super spoiled with attention yesterday with running and the dog park!

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