Workin for the Weekend

Hello my friends!!  Apologies for an absentee week.  I have to say this happened for two reason:

  • I did nothing exciting: run (in the freezing cold mornings lately), eat, work, eat, sleep, repeat
  • I have been super busy with extra work and PT stuff

This was my fourth week of rotation which means I am already half way done this one.  This also meant this was the week for midterm evaluation which is a giant pain in the rear but a necessary evil I guess.  It was just a crazy busy week patient wise with some challenging ones thrown in the mix.  After work today, we went to Holy City for a well deserved post work beer.

Pecan Dream

Pecan Dream

Last night we did manage to sneak in a girls movie night and I have to rave about this one.  We went to see About Time and I loved it!!  It was so fantastic and feel good, though I have never cried more in a movie in my entire life!  I should have snapped a picture of my sweater after, there was literally a tear stain puddle on my chest almost as big as when I run in a cotton tee-shirt!  Anyway, it is a lovely movie that makes you stop and think about life and love and all that mushy girlie stuff.  However, I do have to say if you can get your male half or friend or if you happen to be male reading this, through the door, I honestly believe they would enjoy it!  I thought rather than trying to describe is I would just imbed the trailer so here you go:

Has anyone else seen it?  Any thoughts?  I think I am pretty much in love!!

P.s. I just watched the trailer because I was attaching it and had to make sure it was a good one and may or may not have teared up again.  When did I get so soft?!