TGIF has an entirely more powerful meaning after a full week of working full time!  I know I will adjust to the schedule but man it is kicking my butt right now, especially after the weekend.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I don’t get up until 1 in the afternoon tomorrow!  Mad props to all you working people!

Post work I got a nice mid distance run in with my friend Maribeth.  It was so good to see someone from school and swap stories from clinic.  It put me in such a good mood to run and boost my energy; I started dragging so bad around 1 this afternoon and it was a drag coffee didn’t touch!

More importantly, when I got home I made a pork tenderloin from Budget Bytes that was amazing.  This is the second time I have made it and it was amazing both times so I figured I should share the ridiculously easy and fantastic tasting meal!

Photo Credit: Budget Bytes

Photo Credit: Budget Bytes

Click here for recipe

As for this weekend, I will be doing A LOT of relaxing and I have never been more happy to plan to sit on the couch (and go for a few easy runs of course).

Do you have any big weekend plans or are you running MARINE CORP?!