Back to Reality

After almost two weeks of doing nothing but easy running and sitting around reading books, I started back on my second clinical rotation this yesterday.  Getting back to an 8-5 is rough, add a weekend of very little sleep and the most fun you ever had and you get even more bummed out to go back.

I am getting used to my 6:30 alarm again (though it will have to be 5:30 tomorrow so I can run) and remembering what it is like to actually be indoors for 9 straight hours.  The first few days are also always rough because you have to learn new computer systems, clinic operations, scheduling and how to manage a full day without getting overwhelmed.  I am sure as the week goes on I will settle in and by next week I will really be in the swing of things (especially after a weekend catching up on sleep).

After work I was able to meet up with Lauren (from the relay team) for a short easy run.  It was good for my morale to see someone from the team.  It also made my day that when I plucked my phone from my purse before leaving I saw this…

2013-10-22 17.22.55

Yep, thats 95 texts in 4 hours people.  We all kinda miss each other, haha!  Once again, I can’t explain it, just run a relay, thats the only way you will know.

Hitting the bed super early tonight.  Early run, rotation 8-5, CARES clinic 6-9.  Alex will = Exhausted!