Food Store

I have a ridiculous love affair with the grocery store.  A task that most people despise, I actually revel in.  There are endless meal possibilities!  It is also a task Casey and I always do together and I really enjoy that time together (how cheesy am I).  It is always better though when we have had dinner before we go though or some questionable choices always make it in the cart.

After getting in a good run with Lauren and making dinner (Shepherds Pie), we headed on our bi-monthly endeavor.

I found something I am especially stoked about on this particular trip…

2013-10-15 21.09.44

I was in search of bagels to have some easy to digest running food for the relay so I got those and some whole wheat as well…and Casey got two packs of bagels so that is a grand total of 24 bagels, for two people.  Yes, we are nuts!  Whoops!  The funny thing is, we don’t usually ever buy bagels.

2013-10-15 21.21.11

Unfortunately, I do not enjoy the end result of the grocery store where you have to exchange the green paper for the mostly green foods.

2013-10-15 21.54.04

This is followed by the worst part, finding somewhere in our fridge and pantry shelves for all of our booty.  This was actually one of the easiest times we had fitting everything in the fridge, probably because we just cleaned it out a few days ago, but thats not really saying much around here.

Tomorrow is always fun because there are so many possibilities I am the most indecisive about what I want to eat, I CAN HAVE ANYTHING!!  Wooo Hoo!!

Bet you may be a little happier next time you make that grocery store trip!

4 thoughts on “Food Store

  1. I looveee grocery shopping. It’s so much fun with a partner too..I go shopping like once a week for food haha. I don’t usually make giant trips like this though, because I worry things will go bad and end up eating too much ! HAHA

    • Sadly all this food only lasts us two weeks max with stops to the small grocery store every few days for the fresh stuff. It takes a ton to feel a 26 year old boy, haha!

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