I’ve got a secret

Here is a fun secret I haven’t told any of you yet.  I am running a 200 mile relay in Kentucky, THIS FRIDAY and SATURDAY.  AND, it goes to all the bourbon distilleries in Kentucky, hence the name Bourbon Chase.


About two weeks after the marathon, my friend Lauren who I run with quite a bit asked me if I wanted to do this 200 mile relay with some of her friends.  I JUMPED on this.  I have always wanted to do something like this but didn’t quite know enough crazy people to join me in the endeavor!  She had to make sure she would get the time off so I only found out officially like 2 weeks ago (maybe less than that) that we were actually doing it.  I am not sure exactly why I have kept it a secret since then.  I guess there were just so many other things going on in my life I had almost forgotten.

We are doing it with a bunch of people who do Crossfit (aka. BEASTS) that she knows, many of them living in Charlotte from what I understand.  The plan is to drive up to Charlotte on Thursday and then head to Kentucky Friday for our 2:30 start time.  I am runner 10, so there will be 52.3 miles run before I hit my first leg.  I am thinking I will probably do my first two or so in the dark.  It should be absolutely gorgeous there this time of year though.


Because we only have 10 people (because we are that awesome) me and two others are taking one extra leg for a total of 4.  So I will also run Runner 8’s second leg, an easy 3.5 miler which is NBD.


I am really excited; it will be a really cool race in a gorgeous place and I’ll get to make a bunch of new friends.  The only down side is that I am sure we won’t be sleeping much, will probably get back late Sunday and have my first day of my new clinical Monday.  But as my friend Maribeth would say, YOLO!!  It may be a rough, tiring week, and I may miss the Eagles-Cowboys game but I know I will never forget this experience for the rest of my life!!

So I say, BRING IT ON!!

7 thoughts on “I’ve got a secret

  1. This looks really fun, I bet you’ll enjoy it. Heck, it’s a good chance to do a relay, I have never done one but you’re also in another state so it’ll be fun running somewhere new too.

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