Lindsey and Clay’s Wedding!

The morning started bright and early for me.  I got up at 6:45 and went for a run before the day got started.  I ran out to the church which seemed appropriate and back.  Hartsville was so charming, I really loved running there.

When I got home, I busted butt getting ready to head to the bridal breakfast.  The food was great (I even had the grits!) and everyone really enjoyed themselves before starting the getting ready craziness.  We all got up and said a few words about how we know Lindsey and what not.  Once again, there were more than a few tears.  Those women had the key to my water works for sure!


Linds, her momma and future mother in law

Linds, her momma and future mother in law


After breakfast it was game time.  I went for the first hair appointment at 11 while the other girls headed to make final adjustments at the reception venue.  I pretty much hung out there all day (until about 3:30) when we were all finally finished getting pretty!



We had just enough time to dart into her aunt’s house and grab a quick pulled pork sandwich before heading over to the church to start getting ready!!



We took a few fun pictures before the ceremony with just the bride and her bridesmaids and then it was show time!

The ceremony was perfect: heartfelt, emotional, beautiful and the perfect length.  It wasn’t a race through it but it wasn’t too long either!  I felt so honored and amazed to be standing with them on this most special day.  I am so glad she asked me to be a part of it because seeing the love they have just really makes me believe it can really work!

After the ceremony we took the million combinations of pictures, including the jumping picture which is much more challenging in real life than everyone makes it look.  I may have gotten the jump right but I am fairly certain my face can’t be good, AT ALL!

Post pictures it was party time!  We headed over to the venue, had some great food, drinks and dance our little tails off.


During Casey's speech, he clearly said something funny!

During Casey’s speech, he clearly said something funny!



Dancing her beautiful heart out!

Dancing her beautiful heart out!


Case and I before much love all around!

Case and I before leaving…so much love all around!


Lindsey and Clay’s wedding was truly amazing.  Lindsey, if/when you read this, know that you made the most beautiful bride (I am sure you have already been told this a million times).  But also know that you make the most beautiful friend and I am so lucky to have you in my life, not just on your wedding day but in each day of my life!!

Sorry to every one else, that got sappy at the end, but I kinda like her a lot!

Hope you all had a great Monday.  P.S. the first day of my big exams went great, hopefully tomorrow will go just as well!!

2 thoughts on “Lindsey and Clay’s Wedding!

  1. Hartsville is a great town for running :). I’ve loved all the races I’ve done there (my husband is from there so that’s where we stayed when I ran my marathon in Darlington, his parents live in Hartsville and that’s like 10 minutes away from Darlington). I love running downtown in Hartsville, definitely a really charming town.

    The wedding looks pretty awesome. I love that the groom’s name is Clay since that’s my husband’s name :). I haven’t taken a jump picture but it would take a lot of times to get that right, lol.

  2. Thank you so much! You are such an amazing person and this day would not have been the same without you. I truly appreciate all the special things you have done for me throughout this process!

    P.S. I really kinda like you a lot too!!

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