What I Ate Wednesday: Last Day of Class

Today was my last day of class EVER!  I have a test tomorrow and a two part practical Monday and Tuesday but my actual class time is over forever!  Crazy right?!

In honor of that last day of class my alarm wasn’t loud enough so I woke up to Casey’s alarm at 8:08 for my class at 8:30.  I have about a 12 minute bike ride that I give myself 20 minutes to do every day so I was already screwed.  I hit the keurig, scarfed down some cereal and literally ran out the door.


Post classes being over today we had a financial planning meeting.  That was great fun, let me tell you.  Nothing like having your last class ever and being greeted with the joyful news of what real life brings.  Why did I want to be done school again?  Just kidding.  I am still stoked to be done but it was a bit overwhelming.  Interest Rates, retirement, 401Ks, Roth IRA, mortgage, liability, risk management!!!  WHAT!!  Thank god I brought a very large apple to munch on so I didn’t lose my mind in all the words!


After that I was ready to hit the road so I went for a run around town with Maribeth which helped settle my nerves and calm my mind.  I ended up eating lunch super late and wasn’t that hungry so I had a bowl of yogurt and granola and a banana.


Due to my fairly small lunch, I was in a pretty snacky mood before I headed to the clinic for the night.  The pumpkin seeds were amazing and are now gone, sad girl!


I was lucky enough to come home to dinner already made for me.  I love when Casey does that on clinic nights.  I am always so worn out and it is the perfect end to these days.  He made pork chops, rice and some really amazing brussel sprouts.  I was very skeptical about the brussel sprouts, let me tell you but they were really good, not dying at all!

Sorry it was blurry, I didn't realize that until I already ate it!

Sorry it was blurry, I didn’t realize that until I already ate it!


I will probably have a night cap of chocolate almond milk to get really crazy.

The next few days are going to be a little crazy so bear with me if I am a bit absentee.  Tomorrow night we have a boat cruise fundraiser for the free clinic, Friday night is the rehearsal dinner and Saturday is the wedding.  I will try to recap as we go as best I can!

5 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday: Last Day of Class

      • It can be, but there are always changes in life. I worked and went to school full-time, so I was ready to get out of college by my senior year. There are days I would love to go back to college and live those days again, but not if I had to work and go to school like before. Adult Life isn’t all bad. All of the close friendships you made in college only get better, because you grow even closer to those people. As I have gotten older it is one of the things that I am very happy about.

        Don’t fret, life doesn’t go down the toilet once you leave school!!!

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