One Year Blogoversary!

I can’t believe I have been doing this for a year now!  When I first started I had no idea what the fate of this thing would be.  I didn’t know if I would have the time, if anyone would read or care about it or if I would even like doing it.

Turns out, I LOVE IT!!  I love sharing my journey through school and running and more importantly all the food that I love to consume.  You have all been with me through many races, most of PT school, and now on my road to Boston and the support I have gotten from so many of you has made all of these challenges more do-able!

One thing I have gotten away from is my PT school advice and knowledge.  Since that was a major part of the reason I wanted to start it I want to refocus on that but otherwise I want to know what y’all think about the future for Runs4treats.

For all those old and new, thank you so much for reading, following, commenting and making Runs4treats what it is today!!

5 thoughts on “One Year Blogoversary!

  1. PT is a huge part of my life whether I want it to be or not. After a back injury and permanent nerve damage, running is impossible if I don’t do some PT at home. I have a folder full of stretches from doctors and a whole pinterest board of stretches, just to keep my lower back loose and my hips functioning. I’d love to see more about PT and running injuries and everything related to that! Maybe even taping, too. I should be taping my knee since my left kneecap rolls to the side causing me to run funny. I’ve been told it’s a muscle thing from the nerve damage. One muscle won’t work so the others work for it.

    Congrats on 1 year blogging!

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