Time Flies

Today was one of those days that I felt like the sun was going down right when I got up it flew so fast.  However, looking back it was pretty productive and most of it was fun.

First thing in the morning (okay lets be serious, it was about 10:30) I went for a nice long run with my friends Maribeth and Steph.  We ran over the Ravel Bridge to the Pitt Street Pier in Old Mount Pleasant and back.  It was a gorgeous morning for a run like that and it was made much better with friends.  I am glad we got the bridge in but after running and going to another fitness class yesterday my legs are definitely feeling it.

Post run, we decided to go to Persimmon Cafe for a late lunch and a treat which was very convenient because it is IN the laundromat.  I carted laundry from over a month over there, threw it in and had a much more enjoyable wait.

Photo Credit: facebook.com/persimmoncafe

Photo Credit: facebook.com/persimmoncafe


We finished off our lovely meal with another Pumpkin Carmel Custard.  MB and I split one again thank goodness.  They are so good I could eat a whole one, but I would feel EXTREMELY uncomfortable if I did so.

Right about the time we were done, all my laundry was dry and I opted to bring it home to fold so I could enjoy some Friends while I did it.  An hour and a half later, I finally had it folded!!


That’s what you get when you don’t do laundry for a month.  Hopefully this is the last time because we got a washer and dryer yesterday!!!!  This is HUGE news for us, let me tell ya!  I used to be a solid every two week laundry kind of girl until the whole laundromat thing happened.

Man that was a lot of talk about laundry…sorry!

The rest of the day (which lets be serious, it was already five o’clock at this point) I ran around and did some errands and before I knew it I was making dinner.  I have really been making a lot off the budgetbytes.com website and everything I have made so far has been awesome.  I made black bean and avocado enchiladas tonight and they were awesome.  Case didn’t even complain that there was no meat in them!

Tomorrow morning calls for boot camp and yoga on the YORKTOWN.  Lululemon is having a fitness event on the actual ship.  There are 400 people taking a one hour boot camp class followed by a one hour yoga.  I am so excited for it.  Hopefully I can get some pictures during water breaks!

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