Every Little Bit

In the August issue of Runner’s World magazine there was an article called Sitting is the New Smoking- Even for Runners.

Photo Credit: Runner's World

Photo Credit: Runner’s World

This is the second time I have talked about this on my blog so obviously it made a big impression on me.  Lucky for me this “sitting disease” will only be an issue for me for the next few weeks.  I am fortunate enough to have a job that will keep me on my feet but most people don’t.  I do make an effort in my day while I am still a student to get moving through out my day.

In addition to my 6x 400 intervals today I took four 12 minute bike rides (to and from class twice) and a half hour walk to get back to class one more time.  So after my half hour of running I got a bonus hour and 15 minutes of exercise that I didn’t even think about.  I realize again that this is the luxurious life of a student and this is not realistic for the average person.

So what can people with “normal” jobs do on the reg?  Once an hour try one of these:

  • up and down 2 flights of stairs
  • 10 squats at a desk chair
  • 10 walking lunges
  • 5 minute walk around the office
  • 20 calf raises

Another trick is to just drink a lot of water so that you have to get up and use the bathroom more often.  These are all quick and simple and won’t take more than a few minutes from your work day.  They will also help you feel more energized and are a more effective jolt than a cup of coffee might!

Every little bit helps, remember that with every extra step you take in a day!

Feel free to leave other alternatives you may do through your day to keep you active at your desk job!

2 thoughts on “Every Little Bit

  1. We used to walk up and down the stairs on our breaks at my job, when I worked in the office. We’d do 5 sets of stairs. A group of us also occasionally walked to the mall at lunch, walked a lap around the mall, and back. Almost 2 miles.

    I work at home now so I obviously walk around my house a lot and get up a lot (getting up to pee is definitely a good trick, plus if you run or work out you want to be hydrated anyway).

    I think sitting at work is a problem, but honestly… those of us who walked or did stairs at work would get exercise anyway. We were already living healthy, active lives. There were so many who wouldn’t even take the stairs to their desk, they would go up and down the elevator for one flight! And they weren’t handicapped, they were perfectly capable… but just lazy. It was really, really sad.

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