Impromptu Fun

Since my race I hadn’t really logged any major runs.  So when my friend Maribeth asked me if I would do a long run with her today I jumped at the chance.  I was supposed to do a 60-75 minute LSD type run on Sunday but I pushed it up to today so I could go with her.  She is training for two halves: one in Columbia, SC in November and then Kiawah in December.  I am still deciding if I am going to do the Kiawah with her…it just gets so expensive!

Our run was great, though a little hotter than I prefer.  It is amazing how much faster 9 miles goes by when you are chatting with a friend the whole way.  I have to say I was a little nervous for this run.  It hasn’t even been two weeks since the marathon but I already feel out of shape just because I am trying to do the right thing and come back slow and let my body repair, blah, blah, BLAH!

When we made it back to her apartment we were sitting on her awesome balcony sipping some water and chatting about plans for the evening and we decided to go to a local bar at Folly Beach called Sunset Cay.  We picked up a friend and met another friend and her husband there and just hung out for a few hours and had a few beers and a hummus plate.

The views there were gorgeous and it was so fun to get out and have some good old fashioned, spontaneous fun!



View from the bar!  I am so spoiled living here!

View from the bar! I am so spoiled living here!


Hope you had a great Friday!