Scarlett Turned One!

I promise to get the rest of the Bachlorette recap in tomorrow but it had to get put aside for a very special day!  SCARLETT’S FIRST BIRTHDAY!!

I can’t believe my girl is already one.  I feel like we just got her and now she is a full grown dog.  However in her head she is still two months old so we have a two month old in a giant, still clumsy, one year old body.


We planned to take her to the beach tonight and go for a run on the beach all together but we had a HUGE thunderstorm right when we were about to go! 😦 We still took her for a run, but we stayed downtown because it was already starting to get dark when we were leaving.

While we were in Savannah this weekend Lindsey and I found this store called The Grateful Hound.  It was the cutest store with some really awesome stuff.  I immediately assumed it would be completely outrageously priced because it was such a cute little boutique but it was pretty reasonable.  The best part…they have toys that Scarlett hasn’t been able to destroy!!  She hasn’t had a toy in months because its hard to buy they for her when they only last an hour.  They are called Fluff & Tuff and they are awesome.  I got her two because I knew we wouldn’t be back and the store owner said they are the best toys on the market right now.  I am so glad I got two now because they are still going strong (I know it hasn’t been long but we are already breaking records over here).

With all of her things!

With all of her things!

I also got her a cupcake there.  Carrot Cake and Peanut Butter.  She loved it!



I can’t believe I turned into the person that has a birthday party for her dog, but what can I do.  She is the greatest!