Bachlorette Day One

Yesterday began with an awesome breakfast at Hominy Grill.  We had our last clinical reasoning group meeting and our professor took us there for our “discussion”.  The food was amazing.  I had two poached eggs on a biscuit with tomato-bacon gravy.

2013-09-13 08.56.02

After the meeting, we went and started doing some practice for our big clinical exam coming up.  Then I raced home on by bike and took Scar for a nice 2 and a half mile walk for my “cross-training” day.  I was going to walk the bridge but I thought since I was leaving after that it would be nice to take her to wear her out and make her feel loved.

So happy!

So happy!

All of a sudden I was in a huge rush.  I got home, showered, made lunch (oatmeal because it is my favorite thing ever right now), packed up my car and headed to pick up the woman of the weekend!

Bachlorette survival

Bachlorette survival

I made her a bachlorette survival kit with all her favorites, and some important essentials: magazine, book, champagne, candy, dog toy (for Georgia), 5 hour energy, Sprite (her favorite), pumpkin cookies, Tums, Advil, hand sanitizer, gum, hair ties, sun screen, bug spray, band aids, Tide to go, nail polish, lip gloss.  I think that was it.

I loaded that bad boy in last and then hit the road.  The house we have rented for the weekend is amazing.  We just have the bottom floor but it is gorgeous!


Back patio

Back patio


Lindsey at the front door!

Lindsey at the front door!

We took last night to play silly games and just hang out around the house and save our energy up for tonight!

First drinks

First drinks

That left me with plenty of energy to do a run around Savannah before everyone got up.  I love running in places I don’t usually run.  There was so much going on this morning around here.  There was a race, a farmers market, a gay pride festival and a bunch of other things I am forgetting.


Today we will probably head out to the beach then come back get ready, have some dinner and go out for the night!!

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