Good Timing

Talk about good timing!

2013-09-12 10.43.42

Just kidding, we had a serial casting lab today.  I sent this picture to Casey this morning and it said “Guess no more running for a while.”  It was mean…whoops!

It was a really cool, fun lab.  It was a little scary with the cast saws but it was good to get real life practice with it before having to do it on a patient.  Nothing like a PT being nervous to cut it off for the patient’s sense of security.

Cutting off the cast

Cutting off the cast


Today was my first day back running.  I took a nice easy jog for 3 miles with Scarlett.  It felt pretty good until she decided to take off at like a 7:30 pace. Not exactly what I had in mind.  Tomorrow I plan to take a walk on the bridge for my “cross training” day with a friend.  It says 2-3 miles so should be a quick little fun activity!

With Casey out of town, I went to dinner with a few friends for restaurant week at 82 Queen.  They had a 3 for $30 menu so I got PEI mussels, Shrimp and Grits and a fantastic Chocolate Cheesecake.  I thought they were going to have to roll me out of there.  By the end of this weekend I am going to need to go on a juice fast!

Photo Credit: Melissa Willis

Photo Credit: Melissa Willis


This weekend is Lindsey’s Bachlorette party in Savannah so I am not sure what kind of internet access I will have but I will for sure take lots of pictures and have a nice recap whenever I can!!

7 thoughts on “Good Timing

  1. Haha, I played a similar joke on my husband this week. I won vitamins in a contest on a nutrition blog and got to pick which ones I wanted. Well, the only ones they had were for kids or prenatal ones, so I got the prenatal ones, since I’m not a kid and I am a woman of childbearing age. Left em out on the counter in wide view and of course Clay asked! He was kinda worried ;).

    Hooray for your 3 miles and glad the casting went well. We went to Fat Hen last night for restaurant week, I wasn’t a huge fan of it, but 82 queen sounds good.

    • Oh No!! You are the first person I that hasn’t raved about Fat Hen. 82 Queen was awesome though, I highly recommend. Just wear your looser pants, I thought I was going to bust the seam in my dress.

      • Yeah, the food at Fat Hen was fine, we had to wait over an hour though even when we had reservations. They never checked on us or anything. Bleh. We kept going in and reminding them we were still there…

  2. I thought casts were removed with a stryker saw, that even held against bare skin wouldn’t hurt. That rotary saw looks a little more, I don’t know, …lethal. Ha!

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