Now What?

So now that I have met my greatest, most distant running goal, what do I do?

Since I have followed Hal Higdon’s program to train for the race which worked like a charm, I figured why not use his recovery program as well.

He calls this week Zero Week.  I already screwed up what I was supposed to do after the race day of.  It says try to eat solid food as soon as possible and rehydrate.  I didn’t eat very much and drank a few celebratory beverages; probably why I am still sore.  Monday was supposed to be a rest day which it was.  Today he advocates a massage.  Since racing is expensive and I’m a poor student, my stick was going to have to do.

My version of a massage Photo Credit:

My version of a massage
Photo Credit:





I broke this bad boy out three times today and spent 5-10 minutes rolling out my quads, calves, hamstrings, Anterior Tibialis (muscle on the outside of your shin) and peroneals (further outside shin), IT band and the bottoms of my feet.  It certainly didn’t feel awesome, especially the quads but I am hoping getting out of the tree fort I call a bed will be easier in the morning for it.

I am starting to get quite antsy to run and he doesn’t “clear you” to run until Thursday.  I may take a short walk on the bridge tomorrow just to get out and do something.  I feel like such a bump on a log (even though I know this is irrational since I ran a marathon less than 48 hours ago).

Still living in a fantasy land and don’t see myself coming back down any time soon!  Hope you are having a fantastic week!

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