Im a Squeaker, But I Qualified!

This weekend has been a whirl wind!!  Yesterday we went to the expo at the Bethlehem Steel Stacks.  The place was amazing!  It was the number one producer of steel in the US at one point but now that it has shut down they have done amazing things to use the space.

2013-09-07 12.54.46

2013-09-07 12.55.19

2013-09-07 13.13.51

2013-09-07 13.13.56

Had to capture this, Yuengling is brewed in this area, not a bad claim to fame!

Had to capture this, Yuengling is brewed in this area, not a bad claim to fame!


Sweet sculpture!

Sweet sculpture!


When we got home, we lounged around outside with everyone drinking and having a good time (I was crushing Gatorade/Water).  Once it got dark we made a fairly large fire and hung out until I left around 10:30 to get ready and get some beauty sleep.

2013-09-07 22.18.03

I have to say, I got the greatest night of sleep pre race I have ever had.  I have no idea how I got so lucky!  I woke up feel refreshed, well as refreshed as you can at 4:54 am (4 is my lucky number but I couldn’t bring myself to get up at 4:44).

Before leaving!

Before leaving!


There was insane traffic at the exit and we were moving so slow so finally at 6:25 I just got out of the car.  Thank goodness Casey came with me so he could just take the car and head back.  I sped walked over to get a quick potty break in and check my bag before heading to the starting line.  Luckily the race was small so it only took 15 minutes to go to the bathroom, check my bag and get to the start.

Potty line

Potty line

The race went fantastically (stay tuned for my post tomorrow or later tonight about the race itself).  Moral of the story, I QUALIFIED FOR BOSTON with a 3:30:32!!  I PRed by 12 minutes and 9 seconds averaging 8:02 min/miles.

Me and my love post race!

Me and my love post race!


Stay Tuned for race dets!!


14 thoughts on “Im a Squeaker, But I Qualified!

  1. Oh my goodness congratulations!!! That is absolutely fantastic – so happy for you! With all your hard work you definitely deserve it!

  2. Congratulations on qualifying!! I had no doubt you would with your super fast times though, and how fast your training paces were even in the heat and humidity of SC, then going to another state to run a marathon where it would be cooler (very smart move!).

    I can’t wait to read your full recap. Or honestly, since we live in the same city, we should get together for a run + food one day, even though you’d have to slow down a bit for me :).

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