Finally Here

Yesterdays trip took so much longer than I expected.  After a full day of classes I rushed home to get Casey, drop off Scarlett at a friend’s house and rush over to the airport.  Luckily at Charleston airport you only have to get there like 30 minutes early to make a flight.  Scarlett was not happy with the situation, she kept trying to unpack her bag of stuff. I swear she is the most human like dog I have ever met!

2013-09-06 14.38.18

Once we made it to the air port we only had to sit around for like 10 minutes before we were boarding, the TINIEST PLANE!!  The little ones make me so much more nervous for some irrational reason but the flight was smooth, thank goodness.

Our very tiny airplane

Our very tiny airplane


In my head I always think that when the flight gets in you are there but that is never really the case.  Once we got in and stepped of the plane we were hit by the most amazing chill, it was so refreshing after leaving 95 degrees in Charleston.  I was so glad I grabbed my cardigan as we were strolling out the door.  When we finally got off the very long tarmac, it took an hour just to get out of JFK and to where the rental cars were.

On the monorail to the rental cars!

On the monorail to the rental cars!

Then we headed straight into Friday night New York City traffic where Siri froze up and we made a bad turn right into Times Square.  I thought it was cool but Casey was less than thrilled.  It didn’t end up adding any extra time by some stroke of luck and I got to be in the city for a hot minute.

2013-09-06 20.19.17

I was just happy to finally be there and make the best of the 5 hours of traveling.  When we finally got on the main highway to take us back, there was a huge fireworks show!!  Though I agree that it was a little dangerous and distracting to drivers as Casey was complaining (he was driving), I loved it.  That is so unusual!

Crappy cell phone picture of fireworks!

Crappy cell phone picture of fireworks!


We finally got in around 9:45, so right around 5 solid hours.  Not too bad though considering the crazy amounts of transportation devices we had to take.

Today will bring the expo (which I always love), some good nutritious food and loooots of water and gatorade!

2 thoughts on “Finally Here

  1. Good luck tomorrow girly! I love the picture of you in the blog, you look super cute and ready for the marathon. I’m glad your flight went well despite the tiny plane- when I flew to Charlotte from Florence it was one of those little planes too, yikes! Really bumpy ride but at least it was short.

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