Race Week!

ITS RACE WEEK!!  WOOO HOOO!!!  I am so excited but I am really starting to get nervous.  I have never had a time goal in my head that I thought was going to be pretty hard for me to achieve.  I always made a goal that I knew for sure I could accomplish so I wouldn’t be disappointed at the end.   I mean seriously, after running a marathon, no part of you should be disappointed!

Today I had my last run that could even sort of be considered hard, if you can consider 4x400s hard.  My total run was 2.63 miles and 20 minutes.  I barely felt like I had left the house before I was turning around.


That last split I think my watch was off because I know I was busting it harder than any of the other reps and it showed it being my slowest one!  Oh the joys of technology.  I have never done short speed work the week of the race before but I have been reading a lot about the benefits such as increased glycogen storage leading to decreased fatigue and soreness later.  We will see!

Race week Goals:

  • Gentle yoga every day (at least 10 minute)
  • 10+ cups of water daily
  • Fresh fruits and veggies ALL DAY LONG!
  • Sleep 8 hours a night

Seriously nothing earth shattering here but sometimes writing it down keeps me more accountable.

This week is super busy too so I know before I know it we will be boarding the plane.  Today held class from 8:30-10, came home to get a bit of work done, CARES meeting at 12:30, class 1-5 then clinic until 9.  I am pooped.  But luckily its all down hill from here.  I have a short day tomorrow then we are going to dinner with a friend and her husband for the first night of restaurant week!!  Thursday is the first day of NFL FOOTBALL!!  Then Friday I have a full day of classes then we fly out at 4:30.  Talk about a whirl wind week.

I have my big girl pants on and am totally ready for everything, bring it on!

Hope you have a slightly less busy, but equally awesome week ahead!

Have you ever done a quick speed session in the week leading up to a big race?

6 thoughts on “Race Week!

  1. I haven’t done a quick speed session before a race but I did speedwork yesterday (total of 6 miles so not really quick!) and I’ll do it the week of my marathon too, probably a short one. But this is my first full so I don’t know if it’ll help or not, I have nothing to compare it to and sometimes I think that makes it even harder.

    Sounds like you’re super busy with school and clinical but at least you’re getting rested and hydrated and taking care of yourself before the full. You’re going to rock it out anyway!

  2. Good luck!! I’ve heard that a short speed session before a big race helps mentally prepare you and get those fast-twitch muscles in your legs ready. I think it is really smart!

  3. I’ve only recently starting doing small bursts of speed work, but nothing structured. Usually it’s just at the end of my run I will push it as hard as I can, haha. It’s seeming to help a bit!! I CAN’T WAIT FOR YOUR RACE!

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