Swap It Out Sunday

This week isn’t so much a swap as a skip.  Every time I am offered whipped cream on a drink, ice cream, etc I try to always most of the time skip it.  I don’t get the drink or ice cream or whatever it is for the whipped cream, so I try to focus on what I love about whatever I got.  Guess what, I never miss the whipped cream!!

photo credit: chelseacrockett.com

photo credit: chelseacrockett.com

Photo Credit: Starbucks.com

Photo Credit: Starbucks.com



P.S. Pumpkin Spice Lattes (PSLs to us cool kids) are back!!  I am holding out to have it as my trip home, post race airport traveling reward on Sunday…I CAN NOT WAIT!!

2 thoughts on “Swap It Out Sunday

  1. No whip for me either, but only because it’s dairy based..which keeps me out of trouble haha! Now if they had a coconut whip for coffee toppings?? OH MAN, I would be all over that!

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