Enjoying the View

Today was one of those blisteringly hot Charleston summer days that we haven’t seen many of this summer, thank goodness.  For that reason, I headed over to the gym to just tough it out on the treadmill.  Today reminded me especially why I was getting up early to run all summer!!

After my run, I decided to take the long way (the very long way home) around the battery for a leisurely bike ride.  I run the battery all the time but I am usually focused on running and only enjoy the view for brief moments in between.  When you live your life like this…

Busy, busy, busy!!

Busy, busy, busy!!  I swear, I have lists for my lists, it is a bit outrageous


…sometimes you just need to make time to take the long way home.

It was so awesome.  I cued up some Jack Johnson pandora radio on my phone and just cruised around loving the view.  Until I made it to the market and out of no where it went from blue skies to POURING, FLOODING, MISERABLE rain!

I huddled under an over hang and chatted with my mom until it slowed down enough to make a break for it (about 2 miles).  My wonderful plan failed miserably at the end, but at least I didn’t really have anywhere to be so I didn’t have to stress out about it.  So much for trying to do a good thing!!  Best intentions and all.

Hope you had a good Thursday, almost the holiday weekend!!

2 thoughts on “Enjoying the View

  1. I’m kinda jealous you live where you can bike to the Battery. I guess I could… theoretically… there’s just a way greater chance of dying due to Hwy 17 S drivers.

    It was so hot yesterday, I also hit the treadmill for my run, but at least we’ll have stronger lungs from running through the summer and we have beautiful running weather in the winter time!

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