Pure Bliss

Yesterday was purely awesome.  It was such a relief to be done with a test that has been stressing me out off and on for about two years!!  And amazingly I improved my score pretty significantly from when we took the practice exam in May which was awesome.

The rest of the day was pretty good, other than having a three hour class after (I was barely there mentally for sure).  I was able to make up my 12 mile LSD run from Sunday that disintegrated and it went beautifully (as it should have).  The weather was perfect and I got to run to a friends house and end there so I didn’t have to do an out and back which is nice whenever I can work that out.

Once I got there and showered, it was DRAFT TIME.  I had a draft last night and another one tonight and I am pretty excited about both of my teams (though sad I don’t have 1 single Eagle, womp womp!

Girls League Team

Girls League Team

PT Class League

PT Class League


To top off the past few days being awesome, I got to go to Lindsey’s FINAL FITTING for her wedding dress.  Unfortunately pictures can’t be shared for obvious reasons but she looked stunning and I can’t wait for her big day (as if I already wasn’t excited)!

I am sure I will come down from cloud nine soon, but for now I am just gonna hang out up here and enjoy the view.

Anyone else playing fantasy this year?

2 thoughts on “Pure Bliss

    • I learned that when I moved down here and everyone was saying football was on Saturday. I thought every one had lost their minds. I do watch a bit of college now but I am an NFL girl at heart!

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