Swap It Out Sunday and An Awesome Weekend

For this week’s swap, it is less of a swap than an add.  They are a staple for us.

Photo: seedguides.info

Chia Seeds! Photo: seedguides.info

Of course my beloved Overnight Oats require these little guys but you can really just them for so much.  You can just add them to smoothies, yogurt and granola, cereal or really anything you can think of.  With about 25 calories in 1/2 a tablespoon, it is worth adding for all the amazing benefits.  They are high in fiber, great for digestion, there is preliminary research that it helps to lower cholesterol.  I am a huge advocate for these guys for sure!!


Saturday I fit in a quick run, went to a class BBQ at one of my professor’s houses then headed up to the wedding shower.  I had set my alarm early to get my long run in but it was thunder storming so I just did some shifting around of runs and put something shorter in once the thunder and lightning stopped.

The BBQ was so fun and I took Scarlett who had the greatest time playing with her friend Leo and some new pups she hadn’t met before.  She was such a muddy disaster by the time we left!

A little swimming!

A little swimming!


Muddy Puppies!

Muddy Puppies!

As soon as I got home, I did a quick change and we hit the road to head to the shower. I am so excited to finally get to share our gift here.  I couldn’t before because I couldn’t risk the bride catching a glimpse of it!


I took the pictures around downtown Charleston and Casey built the frame out of some  of the reclaimed wood he has been stocking up!

We had such a great time just munching and chatting.  I didn’t do any drinking because I was the chauffer but everyone else enjoyed some nice beverages.

The future Keziahs!

The future Keziahs!

Charleston Girls

Charleston Girls


By the time we got home I was ready to crash…I think I was asleep before my head even grazed the pillow!


We had a fairly lazy morning.  I got some studying done, read a little of my book, had a cup of coffee and then we headed to get some brunch at The Lot.  The food was fantastic and I did a good job making healthy choices (well I thought anyway)!  I got an omelet with squash, spinach and cheddar cheese topped with Kale with oranges on the side.  Sounds pretty good right…and it tasted amazing!

I thought that little coffee cup was the cutest!

I thought that little coffee cup was the cutest!

However, when I came home I left to run (about 2 hours after eating) and had hands down, no questions asked the worst run I have ever done in my life!  I threw up three times, at one point my vision was going blurry and I cut it short by about 5 miles.  I literally did not have a choice.  Even now about 4 hours after getting home my stomach still feels super acidic and I am shaky.  WOMP WOMP!!  The weather was amazing, I hadn’t had a sip of alcohol since my glass of wine after my 20 miler last weekend so I have no idea what happened, but it was no bueno!

I have decided to just make it up tomorrow.  I had moved Monday’s tempo run to yesterday, so I will just call todays run my “4 miles easy” and do my 12 miles LSD tomorrow, hopefully with a more fortunate result.

For now I am putting the run behind me, casually reviewing my notes and trying to relax because tomorrow is the big day.  9 am tomorrow I will be taking my 150 question comprehensive (over two and a half years) exam, no big deal right?  So if you think of it send me some love at about that time, I will GREATLY appreciate it!  One step closer to the end!

10 thoughts on “Swap It Out Sunday and An Awesome Weekend

  1. Good luck tomorrow with the exam! I will think of you at 9 AM and send some happy vibes your way.

    So sorry you had a crappy run… nothing is worst than throwing up on a run or workout. Throwing up sucks majorly at any time, but when you’re out and can’t immediately brush your teeth, it’s the worst! I hope you feel better tomorrow and have a better run.

    I’ve never been to The Lot and now I’m going to look it up, it sounds like we like a lot of the same restaurants.

  2. Ugh sorry about that run! That sounds miserable 😦 if you are having weather anything like here in Iowa City, it might have been the heat. It was in the 90s today (even at 10am) and a few girls had to drop off during my 18-miler today.

    Good luck on the exam!! You’ll do great.

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