Nutrition Slip

At some point in the last week I kind of forgot that “oh yeah I am running a marathon in two weeks” thing.  I mean I haven’t forgotten about the actual running of the race but more the nutrition focus I usually work on during the taper weeks.  So without thinking last night I made this absolutely fantastic Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cake.  I also made this in cupcake form for the super bowl, but hadn’t made it since.  After dinner last night, Casey and I picked this off my pinterest food board and I made it for dessert.

Amazing, but so not what I should be eating right now!!

Amazing, but so not what I should be eating right now!!

This morning when I realized my blunder, I got up and made a wholesome breakfast with a bit more nutritive value.  Pbfingers blog had Banana Bread Protein Pancakes that I had been wanting to try.  They were super easy and the recipe is made for one person so I don’t have 10 left over pancakes either!




I am pretty scared of cottage cheese (the consistency bugs me out) but you can’t tell it is in there at all…it blends right in.  These really kept me full for quite a while.  I ate them at about 9, had an eye doctors appointment at 12 then went straight to the gym to run (yes on the treadmill, it was super hot out) and still wasn’t really that hungry when I got back at 1:30.  I’d say thats some serious staying power.  I think I am going to try the Pumpkin Protein Pancakes tomorrow after my long (well long-ish) run in the morning.

All this talk about cake and nutritious breakfast made me think of the Bill Cosby skit…

Tomorrow will be a busy one too.  I have to get up to get my run in early (before the heat gets to me).  Then I want to hit the farmers market because we didn’t go last week, then one of my professors is having a cook out at his house in the afternoon with the grand finale of the wedding shower to top off the night.  It will be a big day of tempting food but I am going to try to not forget about that running a marathon thing again and focus on eating smart while I am at all these events!

2 thoughts on “Nutrition Slip

  1. Yeah I’m not a fan of cottage cheese either but those pancakes look yummy. I try to stay on the nutrition bandwagon but well… we live in Charleston and it’s hard to do! But we both run a lot of miles and are active so I guess we can treat ourselves sometimes and not really feel guilty about it. It’s hard though, when you make an entire cake or tons of cookies and just have them at the house, different than going out for dessert where you have it once and that’s it, it’s not coming home with ya.

    Hope your run went well today! 15 for me!

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