Work Out Change Up

Yesterday I blew it again with my swap it out sunday post so here it is…


This one is a no brainer for me.  For 120 calories you can have 8 potato chips or an entire bag of kettle corn.  DUH!!  Plus you get the salty and sweet vibes from the kettle corn so its a win win.  I must really really like kettle corn because I am pretty sure it is the second time I have used it as a substitute snack!

Today, I was the very image of domesticity.  I made bread for the very first time and it came out amazing.  I made them as dinner rolls so that I could make Croque Monsieurs.  I have never made them before but saw a recipe for them on pinterest and though I would enjoy the trip back to France where I had my very first.  Early in the day I went through the roll making process which was a long one…knead dough, let rise, cut dough, let rise, finally bake the dang rolls.  Thank god they were amazing or there is no way I would ever make them again.  They are going to be a new staple for sure, and the frozen rolls are now out of the question for thanksgiving.

After making the bread, I took a crack at making rice pudding.  It is Casey’s favorite, his grandma used to make it so I know I will never live up to that.  Plus mid way through making it, I spilled all of my evaporated milk when the can opener jammed so I had to totally wing it with regular milk.  I haven’t tried it but if it by some stroke of luck turns out well I will post the recipe (if I can remember what I did).

Once that was done and in the refrigerator, I took Scarlett out real quick before heading for my run.  However, the next door dog heard her and wanted to come over to play.  An hour later I was still watching them chasing each other around the back yard.  Next time I will have to get pictures, they are precious together.  By the time they left, Casey had come home and wanted to run with me.  So instead of doing my hill intervals, we ran the bridge, HARD.  I figured if I ran it at race pace it would still be getting 2.5 up hill miles in and pretty fast.  It was the only speed work session I have changed and because we ran it hard I think it was a fair substitute.

After getting home, dinner came together in less than 20 minutes.  Visit Lauren’s Latest for the recipe.  We also tried her Pad Thai a few nights ago which was also incredible!




Only one day left of lazing around and being an Italian grandma during my days…back to school Wednesday.  Womp Womp.  Last time going back to school ever though!!


3 thoughts on “Work Out Change Up

  1. My problem with Lays is that I highly doubt I could eat only 8 chips. Well except maybe if they were the last 8 chips in the bag. Otherwise I’d eat them until my lips and tongue were numb from the salt.

    True story.

    Lays and Pringles. Pretty much my Kryptonite.

    And I’m not even Superman!

  2. Good luck with school. I have no clue how someone just eats 8 chips unless they count out 8 chips and then throw the rest of the bag away or have 10 other people sharing that bag or something. I think they make the portion size smaller so you don’t think you’re eating so many calories.

    Kettle korn actually sounds tasty! I may have to buy some soon!

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