Today I put in my last 20 miler before my race.  It was much better than my last one (very similar to how my first one went).  I toe the line 3 weeks from tomorrow and feel I am as ready as I can possibly be.  I know I have left it all out there training wise and should expect my best race to date.  I just hope that all the hard work, early mornings and sore muscles will pay off when the gun goes off.

Training up to now

Training up to now

After doing all of this (no, I have not missed a single run) I feel that I have very much earned this…

The glass was a christmas gift from my mom, and my favorite one I own!

The glass was a christmas gift from my mom, and my favorite one I own!


…and this…




my much earned, well deserved taper.  Tapers are such a a tricky time.  It is so hard to shift focus and momentum with the race coming up, but after so many cycles of training I know how necessary it is.  My goal (after tomorrow having a great brunch) will be to shift my attention toward very vigilant nutrition and hydration for the next three weeks.  (On a random side note, anyone that gets a naturebox, the sweet blueberry almonds are phenomenal.  I have eaten mine all already and it makes me sad!)

I am ready for this race (knock on wood) and can’t wait to see what I am made of on September 8th!

4 thoughts on “TAPER TIME!

  1. Good luck!! You have been training so hard and I know you will do great! I am interested in your nutrition tips during taper because that is not too far away for me!

  2. Which marathon are you doing? Good luck! I ran 22 yesterday for mine, I plan to do one more 18-20 a little later on though. Seems like you’re super speedy and if you’re running that many miles as well, you should definitely be fine in the marathon- enjoy your taper!

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