After the rain began yesterday at 1, it still hasn’t stopped.  Which means Charleston is a flooded disaster.  HOWEVER, I couldn’t care less because it is about 68 degrees outside and feeling fantastic.

I woke up this morning to cool weather and the absolute un-deterable desire to make pumpkin pancakes.  They were amazing, and there are left overs so I can’t wait to have them tomorrow for breakfast too!


After basking in the afterglow of that concoction I read my book for a bit, studied for comps and waited for the rain to stop so I could finally get my tempo run in from yesterday.  By 1:00 I figured it wasn’t ever going to stop, so I better just run in it.

I knew it was going to be a good one from the first steps,  I COULD BREATHE!!  It is incredible how much of a difference that can really make.  The rain of course picked up and I could hardly see through it when I was hitting the peak of my run for a few minutes but I couldn’t care in the least, I felt incredible.  With about 5 minutes left, a car drove by and hit me with a wall of water making me feel like Carrie, but I was already 100% soaked through so it didn’t matter.

You know this one girls!

You know this one girls!

Post run, SOAKED!

Post run, SOAKED!

After getting home, taking a shower and having some lunch, Casey and his friends were in desperate need of some chocolate chip cookies.  Of course I whipped up some of those and am now trying to exert some self control!

Done and done

Done and done


A good rainy day really does the soul good and with a good run on top of it, this day couldn’t have gotten much better!

When it is pouring rain, do you brave the conditions or head for the treadmill (or make it up tomorrow)?



5 thoughts on “Relief!

  1. I wish it rained around here a little more often. Usually down here rain is accompanied by copious bolts of lightning and the occasional bit of hail.

    Do you have special rain running shoes or do you just wear your normal shoes?

  2. I headed for the treadmill yesterday, although the weather wasn’t bad that afternoon. Just that I had a meeting for work and plans that afternoon, so I needed to get my run in and I didn’t want to wait and take the risk that it wouldn’t stop. Some people are like “oh, I train for the elements, I never run on the treadmill, if it rains in a race you still run in it, etc”… but sometimes with work obligations it really is the best option for me.

    You are so right about the flooding… downtown is crazy! Glad I live far away from that.

    • Sometimes the treadmill is a necessary evil as much as I hate to admit it. I will avoid it at all cost but sometimes it just isn’t safe to “brave the elements”. However, I do agree that it is good to prove to yourself no matter what the weather, you can run in it because race days aren’t always perfect and you don’t want it to be ruined in your head before you even hit the start line, especially in a marathon where half the battle is in your head anyway.

      • Most definitely :). I will say, in 2 weeks yesterday was the one day I ran on the treadmill. Also it is helpful for doing intervals.

        I did a 5k race where it was pouring rain and we ran in 2 inches of standing water, back in February… far from a PR but definitely a fun run!

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