Double Post!! Swap it out and Sunday Fundayish

So yesterday brought some unfortunate events for me and when I got home I forgot to post my Swap it out Sunday.  So first thing is first…



This is an easy swap if you drink coffee every morning.  Swapping out reduced fat milk for creamer can mean huge savings over a year.  I have recently taken the swap one step further by swapping my milk for almond milk.  I can’t get away from this stuff, I even got chocolate almond milk frozen yogurt last night at TCBY!  These swaps can save you anywhere form 20-50 calories a day depending on how much you use which adds up to 140-350 calories a week!!  How easy is that!


I was so excited to go stand up paddling yesterday with Casey, our new roommate, his brother and a few other people they knew.  I had been begging Casey to do this with me for a while and I was so stoked we were actually going.

We were having such a great time, we paddled down the creek and once we hit the open water wandered around a bit before hooking to the boat and hanging out for a bit.

I had kept my phone in my bathing suit top the whole time we were paddling, snapping pictures along the way and decided to put it on the boat while we were just sitting and hanging out so I could do some swimming.  Before I knew it, one of the straps hooking the boards to the boat swung around and my phone went PLOP right in the water.  The worst part, I have a lifeproof case so it is still working sitting in the bottom of Shem Creek with nothing I can do about it.  WOMP WOMP!!  Live and learn right.

We paddled back and I was a bit grumpy after that but I was trying not to let it ruin the trip.  When we made it home I went for a run which always has a way of making things better, right?

Today I went to the AT&T store where they told me I could pay $350 for a new phone or wait until February, again WOMP WOMP!  However, my mom has her old phone and they said they can activate it for me.  Thank goodness!!

So until then, I will try to convince myself that it is actually nice to be liberated from my phone and try to have the best attitude I can about it.  Such is life!!

Hope you had a slightly less eventful Sunday than I did!

4 thoughts on “Double Post!! Swap it out and Sunday Fundayish

  1. Oh no! Sorry about your phone :(. I’m glad you can use your mom’s though, that’s a good thing. Plus you got to SUP, that looks so fun.

    As far as creamer goes, I really like those Bailey’s ones and the White Chocolate Mocha from International Delight. I use it in my coffee most every morning, but I use about half the “serving size”. I like my coffee super strong and dark :). When I worked in an office I remember people basically drinking half coffee and half milk, sometimes whole milk… I could never do that! I love the unsweetened vanilla breeze almond milk too, only 30 calories per serving… you just can’t beat it :).

    • Those bailey’s creamers are good, I used to really love the toffee almond one. And you are so right about people drinking the milk with some coffee drink haha!! Just get a latte people!

  2. Boo for your phone! That’s no fun! Too deep to dive for? Surely scuba lessons might be cheaper than $350!?

    So…how the heck do they make almond milk froyo? Is it truly yogurt? Or is just almond milk with stuff added to make it look/feel like yogurt? Are there little almond milk loving bacteria out there?! Those that are trying to be healthy too?

    These are the questions that will keep me up tonight!!

    • It was like 25 feet and they went back to check at low tide but I haven’t heard anything so I don’t have high hopes.
      I didn’t even think about the fact that you need milk to make yogurt, you will now have me pondering that the heck I consumed last night!! I may have to do some research in to this and let you know!

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