You know you’re a nerd when…

I officially am on break now!!  Wooo hoo.  Camp ended today so I have 11 glorious days to not have to go to school!!  I do have some school related activities to do (CARES clinic, a peds project, study for comps) but since I have already passed my comp exam which we have to take again when after we go back (I think on the 26th) I am much less stressed about cramming hard for it.

Today, immediately after finishing camp I rode my bike over to the library to find a new book or two for break.  I got a little ambitious…


I had picked out three and then when I went to check out “And the Mountains Echoed” had come in that I put on hold like three months ago and have forgotten so out I walked with four books!!  Tomorrow I will hopefully be going to the beach with a few friends, after my long run and our weekly farmers market trip, and can do a lot of reading there!

The rest of the day I finished the book I had been reading and went for a very hot easy (pace wise) run.  I finished my run at the dog park and had Casey and Scarlett meet me there which was a great way to end and cool down!

Good luck on your long runs tomorrow/Sunday everyone!!

One thought on “You know you’re a nerd when…

  1. I love Memory Keeper’s Daughter! Quite sad, but a great read. That and I just finished And the Mountains Echoed, which is so well-written. I liked it much more than The Kite Runner.

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