Birthday Surprises

Yesterday, Casey’s birthday was such a success!!

We went out the night before to have some drinks so Casey felt less than awesome most of the day.  I kept my own drinking to a minimum, having only two pecan beers that are my absolute favorite due to the final I had Wednesday and having camp in the afternoon.  I had wanted to get my Wednesday run in but decided to swap my rest day from Thursday to Wednesday so I could get some sleep after getting in rather late.

After camp, I raced through my final (50 questions in 30 minutes flat) and headed home so I could pick up Casey from a friends house.  On the way I stopped at Marshall’s to get a little something new to wear for dinner (really I just haven’t done laundry in 3 weeks so that was really my only option).  On a last ditch effort I ended up with a new dress and shoes for under $30.  You really can’t beat it!

After getting Casey home, showering and starting to get ready I realized we were going to be ready quite a bit early for our 8 pm reservation where all of our friends were meeting us (unbeknownst to the birthday boy).  I started stalling in any way possible, doing my WIAW post, cleaning the kitchen, cleaning up our room, sweeping.  However, I am a VERY punctual person and Casey knows that so I knew I had to get it together so he wouldn’t start getting suspicious. (Next time I will know to tell him the reservation is 15 minutes after I actually make it for, you live you learn).

We drove over and I prayed for difficulty finding parking and ended up parking in a spot a bit away to stall a little more.  As we were walking down King Street we saw his brother and girlfriend drive by so I started stumbling lies out of my mouth.  When we finally arrived at The Macintosh no one was seated as I had planned but he was still super surprised and happy.  We had such a great dinner and awesome time with our friends.

My dinner, some type of fish that started with a C I had never heard of

My dinner, some type of fish that started with a C I had never heard of

After dinner

After dinner

One outside, wish I had gotten a group shot, BLEW IT!!

One outside, wish I had gotten a group shot, BLEW IT!!

Post dinner we came home and had some of that delicious (if I do say so myself) cake!

DSC_0018Over all, I would say mission accomplished!!  Happy birthday Casey!



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