Yesterdays Indulgence, Today’s Struggles

Yesterday I hit my 1000 mile mark for the year!! Yay!!!  Looks like I should be able to get 1,500 with ease.

So that combined with being done half of my (and my two hardest) finals meant CELEBRATE!!

First, after finishing our pediatrics exam we went to my new favorite cafe, Persimmon Cafe to get frozen custard.  And, because it was their 6 month anniversary they were only TWO DOLLARS!!

Why yes, that is nutella frozen custard with burnt marshmallows!!!

Why yes, that is nutella frozen custard with burnt marshmallows!!!

After hitting a serious sugar coma, I came home and indulged in doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  I tried to take a nap but couldn’t quite fall asleep so I ended up just laying in bed watching friends.  Not a bad deal for sure!

After dragging myself from the comfort of my bed, we took Scarlett to the dog park before going to Bin 152 on King Street.  This is a really cool place with wines, beers, meats and cheeses.  Between six of us we ordered three plates.  We must have lost our minds!

The makings of ONE plate!

The makings of ONE plate!

It was so fun, we just sat and chatted and munched for like 3 hours.  However that meant we didn’t get home until about 12 and the impending 6 o’clock wake up call started haunting me before my head hit the pillow.

I did drag myself out though as soon as the alarm went off so I couldn’t change my mind.  I went over the bridge and out to I’on where they have a nice water front wooded trail.  I love this trail but every training cycle I throw it into a long run and every time I regret it.

Start of I'on trail

Start of I’on trail

Beginning of trail!

Beginning of trail!

The run is hilly and VERY twisty which is great for keeping you entertained but hard on your body in the middle of a 20 mile run.  I have to remember officially and forever that this is a good 4 mile run, not part of a 20.

I also poorly planned my run water wise so I couldn’t go the way I originally intended (I would have had about 6 miles with no water = no bueno).  So I headed back toward the bridge to find a bathroom (which I was also in desperate need of) and a water fountain to fill up my water bottle.

Might as well say "you will not be able to control yourself and you will regret it in 5 minutes"

Might as well say “You will not be able to control yourself and you will regret it in 5 minutes”

Even as I was drinking it, I knew I was making a HUGE mistake.  I literally could not stop drinking.  I was hovering above myself, watching as I slobbered, basked and literally smoothered myself in this cool crack.  About a half mile later I climbed aboard what my friend Alli refers to as The Struggle Bus.  It’s no fun and I would have done everything I could to get off!  I literally felt like there was a small animal in my stomach dying to get out.  I plugged away around the park and marina down there for about 4 more miles before seeing a table with Nuun set up at the bottom of the bridge by a local running store, Fleet Feet.  I took this excuse to stop, chat with the guy and ask him what he thought I should do.  I was still in pretty serious pain from my inability to exercise restraint and he recommended I walk up the bridge and see how I feel at the top and decide then what to do.

So thats what I did; I walked about 3/4 of a mile which made me so mad at myself, but I picked it back up with about 3 miles to go and finished out the run.

I feel like such a failure when I have to walk but even the guy I was talking to said he set out for a 12 miler and could only make it 10 last week and had to get someone to pick him up and he is training for a marathon too.

This is the first long run I have really struggled with this round and for that I have to be thankful.  I have to view the fact that I finished as a success even though it wasn’t the way I wanted.  I guess I was just so frustrated because the 20 I did at home 2 weeks ago was so easy.  But hey, I guess a run you finish that is kick-your-ass hard is more of an accomplishment than the one you breeze through, right?

How did your run go today?