Pet Peeve!!

This will be one of my shortest and sweetest posts.

2013-07-29 18.43.04

This drives me BAT S*** CRAZY!!  There was a corral like 3 spaces away!!  I ran 5 miles before the sun came up this morning and you can’t walk your cart 20 feet.  I am not saying that you have to run a marathon people but at least exert yourself enough to replace the cart in the corral OR if we start really talking crazy take it back to the front of the store!!

2013-07-29 18.43.19

This makes me even more angry!!  The yellow lines are there so that a person that has a wheel chair lift or other device can use that space to get their chairs out and be able to get into the store. These carts being here make these spaces unusable by these individuals.   Just because it isn’t a direct parking spot doesn’t mean this isn’t interfering; this may (in my very humble opinion) actually be worse!!

Unfortunately, I am doubting any one that actually follows and reads my blog actually does this so I am ranting to the wrong crowd but I just had to get it out!!

Rant Finished!!

3 thoughts on “Pet Peeve!!

  1. Ugh this drives me INSANE. My car got scratched up by one of those carts when the wind took it last year. I mean really, how lazy can you be?

  2. AHHHHHAHAHA ME TOO ME TOO!! Especially after working at Trader Joe’s and having to collect carts…I HATED when people left them all over the parking lot. Lazy…

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