What I Ate Wednesday

This week, I decided to show some of my best eats from home from the day I did my long run (20 miles, woo hoo!).  This was my first day home so we tried to hit some of my favorite places.

Pre and During Run: Pre run I had a banana and then used a Gu every 5 miles along the run (forgot the picture)

Breakfast: Surf Bagel Taylor Ham, Egg and Cheese on Whole Wheat Everything Bagel and iced coffee of course!

Awesome refuel!

Awesome refuel!

Lunch: We didn’t eat breakfast until around 11:30 so we didn’t really have lunch so much as a really delicious (really terrible for me) snack.  Arena’s Death Fries and a Blueberry Beer

This is a real thing, and it is fantastic!

This is a real thing, and it is fantastic!

Best blueberry beer I have every had!

Best blueberry beer I have every had!

Dinner: Surfing Crab Crab feast with shrimp and king crab legs!  This stuff was pretty much the only healthy food we ate all day, gotta love seafood!

2013-07-18 20.05.232013-07-18 20.07.33

2013-07-18 20.07.44

Dessert: Because picking crabs doesn’t exactly satiate anyone!  Dairy Queen French Silk Pie Blizzard

2013-07-18 21.52.15

Our dairy queen is right on the beach so we usually get that there and go down on the beach and hang out while we eat it.  This was especially great because we don’t have Dairy Queen in Charleston, crazy right?!

It is pretty easy to see how I gained about 5 pounds in a week, good thing I am back in Charleston and back to normal.  However writing this post has really made me miss home and made my mouth drip with longing!!

Whats the biggest food you miss from home?

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