Over the weekend when we were driving back to Charleston it really hit me how close I am to being done with the classroom part of school (October 4th baby!).  With that came my absolute, 100% lack of motivation to get anything done.

Yesterday, I was done class at 12:00, leaving me until 6:00 when I had to go to clinic to get things done.  In that time I: took a nap, studied neuro for about 30 minutes, picked up Casey, went to two grocery stores and read runners world.  Not exactly the productive afternoon I had planned.

What is it about getting closer to a goal that just makes accomplishing it so much harder.  I swear it is like an exponentially declining relationship of being able to be productive.  This is especially bad timing because…

Sunday: Parkinson’s project due

Thursday: Neuro Final (cummulative, yikes!)

Friday: Peds exam 2 (this class goes into the fall semester)

Monday: start Constraint Induced Movement Therapy Camp

Tuesday: Practice Management Final

Wednesday: Differential Diagnosis Final (last one); Casey’s birthday

Friday: end of camp, finally break!

So that pretty much means that my days need to look more like they have today.

After ending class at 11, I came home and whipped up some lunch so I could eat and get right to work.

Mahi (left over from our taco's last night), avocado, tomatoes on romaine with balsamic dressing

Mahi (left over from our taco’s last night), avocado, tomatoes on romaine with balsamic dressing

This must have done the trick because I have studied for 3 hours, worked on my project, made all sorts of necessary phone calls.  I think I am naming that salad “Motivation on Greens”!

Hopefully this day of motivation can continue through next week but I don’t have my hopes up too high for it!

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