When the Rubber Meets the Road…

…Or the elbow meets the pavement!

This morning’s run started a little sluggish.  I am transitioning back to early morning running and after 7 yasso’s yesterday evening my legs were feeling a little toasted.  It had barely been 12 hours since I had finished the last run.  By mile 2 or so I was loosened up and finally enjoying the easy run.  However, there will be some yoga to follow this post to stretch out my super sad hamstrings!

With out about a quarter mile to go I turned over my left shoulder to see if there were cars coming so I could cross the road and BOOM, down I went.

2013-07-23 07.26.21

2013-07-23 07.26.35

2013-07-23 07.26.43

2013-07-23 07.58.58

I am not sure how I managed to get the front of my wrist and back of my elbow, but I guess it is possible.  The scrapes weren’t the problem though, it really took a turn when two cops pulled over and three runners near the bridge came to see if I was okay.  Talk about a bruised ego!

Ironically, I had been thinking in my first mile I didn’t have any good blog material for today.  Be careful what you wish for!

Have you ever taken a terrible tumble running?  Was your body or your ego bruised more?

8 thoughts on “When the Rubber Meets the Road…

  1. Ohhh no!!! Glad you’re OK and the fall wasn’t on your head!! I couldn’t help but laugh at the part about not having good blog material..this is indeed something worth sharing!! Were you able to finish your run at least!? 🙂

    • I was. Luckily I was only about a quarter mile from home so I slowly jogged back. Most of my damage was to my arm which I didn’t need to run with so much. My head is fine (well my version of fine) but it didn’t hit the ground at all thank goodness.

  2. Awww, I’m glad you’re ok! And you’re not alone – I fall running WAY too often! Fortunately it’s always been scrapes and bruises, but the most embarassing was when a car pulled over and someone jumped out freaking out because they saw me wipe out…oops. : )

    • That was the worst part. Having 2 cops pull over and multiple people I see running every morning stop was the worst part. It must have looked really bad because people seemed very concerned!!
      But hey, whats life if you can’t laugh at yourself right?

  3. Happened to me in a forest about 3 miles from my place. Broke my ankle. Taught me a tough lesson about not to go running without mobile & not to run when it is getting dark (really stupid idea). Luckily I got fit quick again!

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