Bad Running JuJu

This morning I had an easy 5 miler to get in which is usually no sweat but I was really concerned what this blister was going to do.  With a ten miler tomorrow and a 20 the next day, I was thinking today was make or break.  So I wrapped my foot up and set off.

2013-07-16 07.30.56

The wrap worked perfectly.  It was a little bit sensitive walking around the house but felt great on the run, can’t ask for better than that.

So things were going great and at about mile 2 I noticed my arm band felt kind of funny so I looked at it and one of the straps was looking pretty loose.  At 2.5 KABLAM, the darn thing fell right off my arm and practically disintegrated!

2013-07-16 14.29.37

That end on the left that is kinda yellowish are the remnants of the glue that was supposed to be holding it to the other side of the strap.  This is especially unfortunate since I have a 2o miler coming up.  I will probably use my waist band strap thing until I can get in touch with LifeProof about the arm band warranty.  I have only had this band since September so not exactly “life proof” only lasting 10 months.

I tried to call them today and sat on hold for 20 minutes before giving up and then send an e-mail warranty inquiry.  Hopefully they will respond favorably because this thing was not cheap (like $50) to fall apart like that.  I will let you all know how it ends up!

In other news, I have been so busy lately I haven’t even mentioned I am going home tomorrow for a wedding this weekend.  I am so excited.  I get to see my family, I can do my 20 mile run on my old trails and roads and relive my good old days and eat great northern food and see old friends.  The wedding at the end will be the grand finale!  I am beyond excited.

Just have to get through: clinic tonight, pack, 10 mile run in the am, 2 classes a board meeting then ON THE ROAD!!

The Blister Strikes Back

Last Friday was a fairly wet day but ended up clearing up in time for our long run.  However, the roads and our trail was left a wet, muddy mess.  This combined with new shoes I am in the process of breaking in brought me this lovely gift (starting at mile 4/19, womp womp)…

Saturday Version

Saturday Version

In my Saturday class, everyone kept asking me if I was going to pop it.  I said, “No, for once I am going to be good and let this thing work itself out.”  That plan was going great until Casey kicked it in the grocery store on accident.  I swear people probably thought he was abusing me I yelled so loud.  So the leave it alone plan failed.

Sunday during my run it bugged me a little but nothing crazy, the top skin layer was still there for protection.  Today though I decided to put a Blister Pod on it before I left for my 45 minute tempo run.  Well, that thing worked it self loose at about mile 2.  It didn’t hurt that bad, more that it was just annoying.  Then when I got home I tried to take the shriveled mess off and it ripped off the top layer of skin.  That felt awesome, and the shower that followed felt even better, let me tell ya.

Now it looks like this

Now it looks like this

I know this looks better, but I swear it hurts 100x more.  So I got some supplies today before my upcoming runs.

Loaded down!

Loaded down!

My plan is to use a blister pod and then the coban over it to keep it from coming free during the run.  I guess we will see how it goes tomorrow.

Does anyone have any magical blister tricks? I will love you forever, as will my left heel with a 20 mile run coming up on Thursday!