Shoe Saga Part II

After Part I, I knew I needed to remedy the sneaker situation, and fast!  That night I got online and ordered these bad boys…

2013-07-09 06.41.18Recognize them?

Yep, they are the same ones I had before but with a whole new sassy color scheme.  I had a pair of Nikes that I owned in five different colors before they discontinued them (darn Nike store!).  The best part about those was that I got them at the outlet and they were only $40.  You really just can’t beat that.

While these aren’t $40, they still aren’t bad (I think $75) and more importantly within the first few steps we already set sail together.

New shoes are great, and new shoes that are the same as your old ones are even greater!!  So excited to fall in love with these guys like I did my last ones!!

6 thoughts on “Shoe Saga Part II

  1. This SAME thing happened to me..well..almost. I needed new shoes a few months ago and wanted to try a completely new pair and new brand so I did. The new shoes were AWFUL and made my knees cry. I had a half marathon coming up and NEEDED some new shoes to break in, so I hopped online and ordered the EXACT same pair of shoes I had before, just in a “newer” color set and slight adjustments. It was like running on clouds again. I now plan to buy these shoes forever..or until they don’t make them anymore!

    • Shoes are the dang devil when they aren’t right. I just commented to someone else that I will be buying these ones in every color available until they stop making them. Great minds and all!

  2. Ugh, new sneakers is so frustrating! I don’t like the updated version of what I am running in now (it fits totally different), but I went to a new running store the other day and they were SO helpful choosing a new pair, they even let me go outside in each pair and run up and down the sidewalk! I’m planning on trying them out this week and if I like them I usually get another pair or two to rotate between.

    • I love going to good running stores like that, I just hate that they are usually so expensive. I did go to one back in October to get my shoes two pairs ago. I was just hoping since I got the same shoes again I wouldn’t have any problems but I guess I am having the same problem you did where they must have change a little something in them to make my feet need some time to adjust (and not on a 19 miler, yikes!).

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